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Want to run your business more efficiently? My name is David Peterson, & I’ll show you how!

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For almost two decades, I’ve consulted for and worked with a variety of businesses in the SaaS, cybersecurity, & internet spaces!

My entire professional career has been that of a problem solver. Building, launching, scaling, and optimizing companies is my jam! I specialize in leading organizational change management through the lens of an intrapreneur

New York, NY

Lead a compliment of 350+ team members. Chiefly responsible for ensuring that the company runs as operationally efficient as possible in order to maximize profitability and ensuring customer satisfaction all the while empowering and motivating the team.

Austin, TX

Leveraged a $600,000/yearly marketing budget (and P&L) to develop and execute marketing strategies that have ultimately contributed to $5,500,000+ in revenue over the two and a half years, I spearheaded the team.

Austin, TX

Utilized an inverse (80%/20%) growth strategy primarily focused on growing the business organically through the existing customer account base. Grew Aurea’s channel business unit from $5M in ARR in (2012) to over $30M+ by September 2015

Rocky Hill, CT

Grew inside sales revenue across the U.S. by over 300% YTD from August 2020 to May 2021, grew e-commerce revenue 150% YTD from August 2020 to May, and grew store foot-traffic across 17 retail stores over 200% YTD from August 2020 to May 2021 through effective traditional and digital marketing campaigns.

Tuscon, AZ

Implemented a complete organizational re-brand and developed a new IT infrastructure to shift and maintain the NBES organization’s presence completely online. Built out a custom WordPress instance with payment processing integration to streamline membership user experience and ultimately grow the base.

Wanchai, Hong Kong

Hired on to lead product development of a brand new business entity wholly owned by OnTheGoSystems. Tasked with overseeing sales + marketing of the entire business.

Unleashing your business potential: Boosted efficiency, optimized processes, and technology-driven solutions!

I thrive on helping others build and grow their businesses, and I’m not afraid to give my truthful unfiltered two-cents straight to anyone who asks. I’m one of those guys!

Throughout my career, I’ve worked at the intersection of marketing, technology, and operations, finding creative ways to just “make things work successfully.” 


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David N. Peterson

I’m an entrepreneur, turned intrapreneur, former music executive, adviser, creator of Game Changer vs Clout Chaser, host of Taking Back Entrepreneurship, and co-host of  We Tried, We Failed.

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